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7.5 Ton

7.5 Ton Curtianside with tail lifts.
Payload of 2.8 Ton.
Space for 10 pallets.

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18-26 Ton

18-26 Ton Curtianside with tail lifts.
Payload of 9-15 Ton.
Space for 16 pallets.

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Curtain Sider

Articulated Curtainside Lorry
Payload of 28 Ton.
26 pallets and an internal
height of 3 metres.

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Box Trailer

Atriculated Box Trailer
payload of 24 Ton
Space for 26 pallets

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Flat Trailer

Articulated Flat 45ft long
Payload of 29 ton.
Has sockets and 2.5 Metre pins.

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Double Decker

Articulated Double Deck
Payload of 26 ton.
Space for 25 pallets

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